Okay, so any of you who drop in fairly regularly have probably noticed I've been playing around with my blog lately. I tried fancy and cutesy and streamlined.  So far streamlined is the winner. Much easier on the eye and much less cluttered. (I hear the de-cluttering is somehow related to sunspots or solar flares or something like that). Anyhow, I also tried the Disqus comment system. Loved it... for about two days. I really liked being able to answer everybody's comments right below their comment. I wanted to connect with everyone leaving comments, but is it really connecting? Do most people come back to see if you answer their comment with a comment? After receiving five emails back from bloggers...
On whose posts I commented, I realized how great it felt to really connect...even if only for a minute - with these authors, these new online friends. I've finally realized the problem with the commenting system is all in my neurotic little head. Everyone has their own way of handling responding to the comments on their posts and I just have to bite the bullet and not try to do it both ways. There's just not enough time to answer all comments by leaving comments and also send the answers by email (and that should tell you just how neurotic I am that for a while I actually did that much copy and pasting and adding and rewriting...). So, how do you do it? E-mail? Comments? Or are you the royalty of commenting and do both? Just wondering. Heart you all - and I'll look forward to connecting by email.

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