Learning to Say No

That is number one the hardest thing about rescue. "No". Why? Because no means death! I am not being dramatic, it is the truth. If I am sick, stressed out, overwhelmed, busy, have things going on where I can't take in dogs in need that means death to those dogs and I have to live with that forever! As a Rescuer (dog, cat, horse, etc). There are no breaks! There are no holidays, there are no vacation, there is nothing called me time. As a rescuer you might go on vacation but you are never far from a phone or your email b/c what if someone (meaning animal) needs you? If you aren't there for them they will die. I believe 100% there is nothing more stressful then being in the rescue business. Ok, maybe a emergency room nurse but at least patients can talk to you and tell you what happened and the end result isn't I saved his life but he was aggressive and the decision was made to humanely euthanize.

I work a 50 hour work week and just want to go home and take a nap, make dinner, go to the grocery store, etc. Well too bad! You have dogs to feed, walk, clean up after, give attention to. Dogs that no one else wanted that some jerk face dumped and made your problem. You have the flu and you can't get out of bed. Too bad you have to you have dogs to take care of. You hurt your leg and are on crutches, doctor's orders you must stay in bed with your leg elevated. Too bad you have dogs to take care of. Do you know how much money I spend on people taking care of dogs, rescue dogs not even my own dogs when I can't! My car could be paid off by now. It is hard to learn to say no I can't take that super cute dog in this week because you know that you are probably there last resort but you have to remember that you can't help anyone if you are stressed out, overwhelmed, not feeling well, etc. It is hard to learn to have that balance. Very hard! And it sucks majorly! To all the dogs I said no to this week, I am sorry.

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